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Absolute Water Technologies is a one-stop shop for all of your ultra high purity and critical process water treatment needs.
We not only sell equipment; our team can install, troubleshoot, and provide technical support for all of the products we offer, and strive for excellent customer service.
We keep replacement parts in stock for most major equipment manufacturers. Our Web-Store offers common parts available to ship throughout the United States.
Central Sterile Processing -ST-108 and TIR 34
Absolute Water Technologies is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), and sits on the Advisory Standards Committee for medical device reprocessing. Additionally, the company is involved with various other standards committees related to steam sterilization. We consult hospitals all over the United States on the proper design of water treatment and related steam equipment for best practices, as well as assist a number of engineering firms on new system designs. We help with troubleshooting issues related to processing quality, and retrofitting current systems.
Water for Hemodialysis
The company is a paid consultant for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and developed the training video for inspectors on the ESRD Survey. As noted above, we are a member of AAMI, and sit on the standards committee for Renal Disease and Detoxification. We help design and have installed many 510K compliant dialysis water treatment systems, and have sold and support systems across the US. We are able to distribute compliant water systems for three of the large 510K manufactures.
Laboratory Water/Water Systems
We understand the intricacies of properly designing a clean and effective water distribution system, and have designed a number of Central Lab Water Systems at research facilities, universities, and hospitals across the US. We have key relationships with a number of suppliers, and are one of the largest distributors in the US for Elga Lab Water. On a regular basis, we consult engineering firms on proper high purity water system design.
Clean Air and Clean Water
Air Purification – We are an authorized dealer for HealthWay, which manufactures state of the art air purification equipment. With DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) technology, its specifications surpass most HEPA filtration equipment. We can help evaluate and design a system to meet your needs.
We can even help air and surface decontamination, up to a six-log reduction, with our dry-fogging technologies. See Dry-Fogging to learn more.
Absolute Water Technologies has years of experience in mitigating and correcting bio burdened water distributions systems. We can develop a regiment through ozone applications, or other methods, to clean your system and get you on the path to routinely passing regulatory standards in dialysis, lab, pharma, etc. See our Sanitization section, or contact us, to help troubleshoot your system
As the AmeriWater dealer for Indiana and Kentucky we have a number of products to support your operation with FDA 510K products.
We also service any AmeriWater equipment throughout the Midwest and have replacement parts on our Web-Store.
We have key relationships with Lakeside Water Treatment, NuStream Filtration, Nelsen Water Treatment Systems, Better Water, Western Reserve Water Treatment, Millipore-EMD, Thermofisher, Elga High Purity Lab Water Systems (Veolia) and many others to support your current and future equipment needs and service.
We are an authorized dealer for HealthWay Air Filtration.
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Proud Member Of:

AAMI – The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation®
(AAMI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1967. It is a diverse community of more than 9,000 professionals united by one important mission—the development, management, and use of safe and effective health technology. AAMI is the primary source of consensus standards, both national and international, for the medical device industry, as well as practical information, support, and guidance for healthcare technology and sterilization professionals.
ASHE – The American Society for Health Care Engineering
(ASHE) is the largest association dedicated to optimizing the health care built environment. ASHE’s 12,500+ members design, build, and operate hospitals, and are involved in improving the health care physical environment from the time hospital blueprints are drawn throughout the lifespan of a facility.
ASPE-St. Louis – American Society of Plumbing Engineers
(ASPE) was organized to serve as a medium in the solution of professional problems pertaining to plumbing engineering as it affects the profession, community and the general public. Advance the general scientific interests of the plumbing engineering profession and to inculcate the desire of scientific achievement in the field among the members of the Association.
MOSHE – The Missouri Society for Healthcare Engineers
(MOSHE) is dedicated to improving the quality of health care in Missouri through the professional development of individuals in the supporting and allied fields. MOSHE is comprised of a concentrated membership of health care professionals supporting Missouri’s finest facilities and operations for the delivery of quality health care.
APIC – The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology
(APIC) is the leading professional association for infection preventionists (IPs) with more than 15,000 members. Many IPs are employed within healthcare institutions and also serve as educators, researchers, consultants, and clinical scientists. The majority of APIC members are affiliated with acute care settings. An increasing number practice in ambulatory and outpatient services where they direct programs that protect patients and personnel from HAIs.
ASPE-Indy – American Society of Plumbing Engineers
The Central – Indiana (ASPE) Chapter was founded on October 12, 1974. The Chapter began with 24 members and now consists of over 120 members. Central Indiana ASPE is the Sponsoring Chapter of the Evansville, Indiana Satellite Chapter, and Central Indiana ASPE Chapter is largest Chapter in Region 2.
ISHE – The Indiana Society for Healthcare Engineering
(ISHE) is a resource for hospitals / healthcare facilities and suppliers. ISHE formed in order to develop solutions to common problems to healthcare facility engineering. ISHE’s members are those healthcare facility and hospital professionals who are interested in personal and professional development.
SICHE – Southern Illinois Chapter for Healthcare Engineering
(SICHE) is an affiliated chapter of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering and is comprised of healthcare and associate members. Healthcare members are employees of a healthcare facility or management organization representing the facility management, plant engineering, clinical engineering, telecommunications, or safety management areas. Associate members represent organizations that provide services or products to healthcare facilities in Southern Illinois.
Absolute Water Technologies offers a wide selection of air and water filtration equipment designed for labs, industrial applications, and more. Service is our passion, and our goal is to provide you with the best possible value in water treatment so that we become a long-term supplier to serve you for years to come. We consider it our ethical responsibility to use our knowledge and expertise to educate every customer, so that you can make the best decision to ensure you get exactly what you want or need and nothing more or less. That is the Absolute Water Technologies difference. Check out our air and water filtration equipment!

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