Our support for universities goes beyond the lab though. We have a range of pretreatment systems to protect your boilers, water heaters, and entire facility from scale build-up and sediment. Our water systems reduce operating expenses and extend the life of your equipment.

We are experts in Legionella control and have many options to sanitize and disinfect systems and classrooms.

We offer a wide variety of systems an services including:

Pretreatment Solutions
Reverse Osmosis
Water Softeners
Service Deionization Tank Exchange
Central Lab Water Distribution Systems
Point of Use Lab Units by Elga, Aries, Thermofisher, Millipore, etc.
We can even design custom systems to fit your specific needs.

Beyond our water filtration offerings, we can help with air quality in your facility. Our Disinfecting Filtration Systems (DFS) trap more than 99.99% of airborne pathogens you breathe to provide fresh, clean air.