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Absolute Water Technologies proudly represents ELGA’s PURELAB line of ultra-pure lab water systems.

ELGA supplies the range of water qualities required for your specific need, such as, primary grade, for basic washing and rinsing, to ultra pure for, scientific and analytic applications.

With ELGA you can rely on their 75 years of experience in water purification solutions when they designed the PURELAB range. High quality construction for maximum purity is what you get from ELGA.  ELGA’s provides effortless sanitization for an ease of use.

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ELGA’s  PURELAB products:                                                                     PURELAB FLEX PIC

  • PURELAB 3000-7000
  • PURELAB Flex
  • PURELAB Classic
  • PURELAB Ultra
  • PURELAB Pulse
  • PURELAB Option-Q
  • PURELAB Option S-R 30-60
  • PURELAB Option S-R 7-15
  • PURELAB Prima
  • PURELAB Chorus