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AmeriWater’s single patient RO system is designed for ease of use, quiet operation, and superior reliability. Unlike other portable Ro Systems, AmeriWater’s unique compact design is a complete package. All pre-treatment, which includes dual carbon filters, sediment filter, and anti-scalant for hardness reduction, is located inside the cabinet. It has everything you need to transform your tap water into dialysis quality water (no softener or salt needed).


  • Entire device conforms to IEC UL standard 60601-1
  • Re-circulation feature reuses excess product water reducing water usage up to 45%
  • Plug-n-play controller provides easier access to program changes and disinfect mode.
  • Nephros dual stage microbiological filter blocks microbiological contaminants down to 0.005 microns to meet the new AAMI Standards.
  • Dual Membranes, in stainless steel housing, provide higher flow rates than other single patient systems on the market so there is never a shortage of pure water, even with cold water.

Dual chlorine removal carbon cartridges are a special blended carbon block design that satisfies AAMI and CMS requirements. Rates at 1 mocron, with each filter having the capacity of 4000 gallons with 3 PPM of chloramine at 9.5 pH


  • Entire device conforms to IEC UL standard 60601-1
  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 69772