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The Centurion is the optimal choice for single patient dialysis water treatment in a healthcare facility or at home. The system can be routinely operated within a hard water environment (routine membrane maintenance dependent), allowing maximum flow rates of 1500 ml per minute as standard. With its sleek, compact design and whisper quiet nocturnal mode, the Centurion is unobtrusive in the home or clinical setting.


  • Maximum flow rates of 1500 mL/minute
  • The permeate specification exceeds recognized dialysis water treatment standards
  • Integrated hot water disinfection of the membrane and loop for enhanced microbiological performance
  • Cool drain technology
  • Whisper quiet nocturnal mode
  • State of the art, touch screen display for easy control
  • Data logging
  • Automatic service reminders
  • Up-gradable software via USB
  • Remote stop/start
  • CAT5 complaint break tank with air gap to protect raw water supply
  • Semi-automated chemical cleaning program
  • Re-circulation and heat disinfection of product water up to the point of use
  • Sanitary product sample port
  • Internal leak detection system for peace of mind with in the home environment
  • Ultra-filtration final filter module provides enhanced microbiological specification
  • Audible alarm with mute facility
  • Anti-microbial coated fascia
  • Anti-tilt


  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Reginstered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 88968