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This compact cabinet RO is perfect for acute dialysis, nursing homes, and correctional facilities. AmeriWater’s unique textures cabinet design provides superior durability. With the pump, membranes and pre-treatment located inside, the system is so quiet you won’t even know it;s running. When it’s time for maintenance, the hinged doors on the front and rear of the cabinet allow quick and easy access.


AmeriWater - Reverse Osmosis System - Dialysis -Supports up to 5 stations - Model MRO2 series



  • Two large 4″ x 26″ membranes have the capacity of producing enough water to feed up to five dialysis machines, even on cold water.
  • One micron sediment filter located inside removes particulate. Pre and post filter gauges are located on the front of the cabinet.
  • Optional on-board anti-scalant pre-treatment is located inside the cabinet with easy access for maintenance. No need for a softener or salt. Anti-scalant removed hardness minerals, sending them down the drain.
  • Disinfection is quick and easy. With a simple push of the keypad, the MRO2 can be disinfected with PAA in only one hour.
  • Microprocessor controller keeps you informed of operating conditions with backlit LCD displaying product and feed water conductivity, product water temperature, operating hours, percent rejection, and a variety of operating status messages. Program flush keeps RO fresh between uses.
  • Product divert feature diverts water to the drain when conductivity exceeds the set point for added patient safety.
  • Tank override feature allows RO to be turned on even if storage tank is full so the required 15 minute RO run time before sampling can be done.



  • Entire device conforms to IEC UL standard 6101-1
  • FDA 510K / ISO 13485 Registered Medical Device
  • Health Canada Medical Device License 69772