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Absolute Water Technologies  proudly represents  ELGA’s  MEDICA line of  labwater purification systems which supplies ultra-pure water for clinical diagnostics. A clinical analyzer must receive a reliable and constant supply of compliant water to obtain accurate and reproducible diagnostic test results. Water quality below accepted standards disturbs test chemistry and the general operation of the analyzer, thereby reducing result accuracy and increasing reagent costs and calibration times. Experience gained from 75 years of innovating water purification technologies, ELGA works in partnership with major clinical diagnostics companies, who have helped design their unrivaled MEDICA range. Compact, reliable water purification systems, with built-in wrap-around reservoirs, occupy a small amount of precious lab space. Bacteria control, optimal purity, uninterrupted workflow and high quality construction are all ensured with ELGA’s MEDICA line of equipment.  

ELGA understands the importance of water to the clinical analyzer process. Calibration stability and reduced assay sensitivity are a result and certain ions are not optimal. Bacterial by-products, such as alkaline phosphate, can interfere with enzyme-based immunoassays. 

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