Hydra Series

The Hydra Series allows you to select filter housings that are specific to your application to create a preassembled filtration system that is convenient and flexible in a complete package. Available in configurations from one to three bowl systems in slim up to big blue style cartridges. Cartridges are then chosen from the AF Series line, and include applications for drinking water, arsenic removal, deionization, sediment, and many other specialty medias.

The Hydra Series is a turn key system to make installation easy. Each Hydra system includes the mounting bracket, and value added accessories like install tubing kits, spanner wrenches, quick disconnect fittings and resistivity lights are available.

Hydra-AS Series

The Hydra-AS is a complete Arsenic removal system. Coming pre-assembled with a flow totalizer that will automatically shut down the system when the filters need to be changed. The Hydra-AS provides an effective and safe point of use removal of Arsenic, tastes and odors.

Each unit is available in two and three bowl configurations and includes a faucet adapter kit. Standard filters include a dual purpose Carbon / KDF filter for the removal of Chlorine and organics and the oxidation of Bacteria and Arsenic. The Arsenic Removal filter utilizes ResinTech’s patented ASM-10-HP Arsenic removal technology to exceed the EPA requirements of <10 ppb of As. The cartridge and filter housings are made of FDA approved materials and the filter housings have been pressure tested to NSF 42 standards.

Hydra-DI System

The Hydra DI Series is a pre-assembled cartridge system that provides deionized water. The water is purified through a 3-stage process, the first stage filters out particles greater than 5 micron, chlorine, and organics. The second and third stages are deionizers to remove the dissolved minerals. All cartridges and a resistivity light are included in this turn-key system.

For applications requiring better than 10 megohm water quality, the Hydra DI high purity configuration uses low odor mixed bed cartridges. The Hydra DI high capacity configuration is ideal for scale reduction and non-stainless steel piping systems, providing better than 50 kilo-ohms water quality.