High Purity Water Treatment System with a capacity of 18,000 to 129,600 gallons per day.

Absolute Water Technologies is proud to represent AmeriWater and it’s energy efficient HRO Series of High Purity Process Reverse Osmosis Systems. The pumps utilized on this AmeriWater RO system uses the highest efficiency Class I (EFFI) motors, resulting in reduced energy consumption and consequently reduced operating costs. In addition, the FILMTECTM high productivity, low energy membranes utilized require less pressure to function. Large 34-mil spacer optimized for pressure drop minimization reduces the impact of fouling and enhances the cleaning efficiency. The ILTECTM technology (interlocking connectors) enables sustained higher quality permeate throughout the life of the element by dramatically reducing the potential for seal leakage and reduces energy consuming flow resistance, resulting in lower operating costs.

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HRO horizontal RO System


  • One micron stainless steel cartridge prefilter
  • Powder coated aluminum frame
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Grundfos CR pump with high efficiency EEF1 motor
  • Product flow meter
  • Concentrate reject flow meter with valve
  • Stainless liquid filled pressure gauges for prefilter, post filter, pump, and reject
  • Sample ports on each vessel
  • Digital microprocessor with current hours, conductivity, % rejection, temperature, tank high and low contacts, pretreat lockout, alarm contacts, low feed PSI alarm, and high conductivity alarm
  • Automatic inlet shut off valve