Absolute Water Technologies is proud to partner with  Ameri-Water as their exclusive supplier of dialysis and process water treatment equipment for the state of Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. No one else in the industry combines the wide range of quality products and services with the “can-do” attitude that Ameri-Water has. They are specialists in the complex field of dialysis water solutions and Absolute Water Technologies is honored to represent such a well-respected company.  We are excited to represent this amazing company and the superior products they manufacture. Ameri-Water is definitely head and shoulders above the rest with its cutting edge solutions such as heat sanitizable loop and portable reverse osmosis heat sanitizable system technologies.   Ozone sanitization is also another approved method which is very effective for sanitizations which is offered by Ameri-Water through Absolute Water Technologies.

Absolute Water Technologies works very closely with you to assure you have exactly what you need for the size and capacity of your dialysis facility. Whether you might be in the market for a single station portable unit or a large central system that can service as many as 40 or more dialysis stations, you can trust that we have the solution for you.


  • ISO 13485
  • FDA Registration #1530185
  • AmeriWater carries many 510K Numbers for dialysis water treatment equipment
  • Health Canada Established Registration #123158
  • Seismic Approval #OPA-0220-07
  • IEC / UL 60601-1 Certified
  • IEC / UL 60610-1 Certified
  • CSA C 22.2 No 601-1


Click Here: AmeriWater Hemodialysis Brochure.

  • MROS – Single Patient Portable RO
  • MROC – Centurion – Single Patient Heat Sanitize-able RO
  • MRO1 – Dual Patient Portable RO
  • MRO2 – Reverse Osmosis System, capable of up to 5 stations
  • MRO3 – Reverse Osmosis Systems for Central Dialysis (3 membrane system)
  • MRO4 – Reverse Osmosis Systems for Central Dialysis (4 membrane system)
  • MROX – Reverse Osmosis System for Central Dialysis
  • MROZ – Reverse Osmosis System for Central Dialysis (open frame)
  • MediQA – Heat Disinfect RO System for Central Dialysis (up to 40 stations)
  • HeatSan –  Integrated Heat Disinfection Sys for the Loop and RO