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Heatsan-largeThe disinfection the distribution loop and dialysis machines with the ability to adjust for each day of the week, heating intervals, holding times and disinfection temperatures.


  • Provides up to 100 gallons of 185° F hot water
  • Can disinfect two separate loops
  • PLC controller, dual color touch screen displaying alarms, system status, tank level, disinfection temperatures and event log with added password protection.
  • East step through programming (7 day program) holds up to 12 months of data
  • USB download to Excel
  • Program syncs dialysis machines with the HeatSan
  • Intelligent monitoring routines, leak detection, and over use
  • Heat disinfect will abort if leak is detected
  • Four levels of password protection
  • Event log holds up to 12 months of data
  • Stainless steel skid complete with insulated stainless steel storage tank with sloping base fitted with three phase heating elements, level transmitter and temperature monitor.
  • Stainless steel recirculation pump, stainless steel solenoid valves
  • The isolation of the RO and bicarb mixing system is accomplished with three way motorized ball valves that are controlled byt he HeatSan