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The name ELGA is synonymous with quality and reliability. Absolute Water Technologies is a trusted partner with ELGA and a regional service provider for them, their products, and customers.  In lower quality settings where water quality isn’t a major concern  effects of water quality can often be overlooked, but as water is the most common solvent used in laboratories, its quality is key to getting accurate test results.  Poor water quality in a healthcare environment or in clinical diagnostics can be potentially life threatening. ELGA Lab Water understands the critical importance of water and they are committed to developing and delivering the water quality required, in order to obtain the accurate test results you need.

Research and Testing,  Healthcare, and Clinical Diagnostics are just a few areas that could benefit  from using an ELGA Lab Water System.                                                                                          purelab and flex combo pic -pic

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All ELGA Lab Water systems are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.