The process of DRY-Fogging with Actril/Peracetic Acid is a proven sanitization method used to help decontaminate confined spaces and is more effective than manual sterilization applications.  The procedure has been used for years to disinfect clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, hospital applications, and other critical areas.

With the dry fog’s ultra-fine atomization, exposed surfaces are not moistened, have better dispersion, and less condensation. This allows for fewer items needing to be removed / covered before the application.

Advantages Include:

  • High level bio-decontamination
  • Up to 6 log reduction of
    bacterial endospores
  • Fast microbiological efficacy
  • Destroys bacteria, mycobacteria,
    yeast, mold, virus and bacteria spores
  • Study information available
    related to effectiveness on other Coronavirus strains

Multiple Applications:
  • Hospitals
  • Animal Facilities
  • Ambulances
  • Schools & Locker Rooms
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Medical Clinics
  • Health Clubs