Absolute Water Technologies provides service support to customers in the field of Hemodialysis.  We are a certified service dealer for Ameriwater in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio.  Knowing the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation dialysis chairs(AAMI) and regulations under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is not new to the Absolute Water Technologies team.  With over 30 years’ experience among the Absolute team members you can be assured that we understand the intricacies of designing a dialysis system as well as the critical need to keep one running properly.  With experience in dealing with microbial bacterial growth, chlorine concerns,  and endotoxin (LAL) concerns we can help you mitigate current situations and help prevent any future occurrence to ensure there is no dangers to patients.

Offering a wide array of products including the FDA approved Heatsan loop sanitization system, available double pass heat sanitizable Central Reverse Osmosis system, and single patient Centurian Heat Sanitizable Single patient Reverse Osmosis system we are well equipped to meet any centers needs.   Working in conjunction with key suppliers such as Ameri-Water, we ensure to provide you applications to meet all of your center’s needs.    Please contact Absolute Water Technologies to see what we can do to serve you in your quest to provide the best customer service and safety to your patients who are served in a dialysis procedure.

We service a multitude of dialysis clients and offer preventative maintenance contracts in Indiana and Kentucky. We provide carbon re-bedding service, loop sanitization, LAL (endotoxin) and bacteria testing, exchange of other consumable items and maintain all system components.