Lakeside Water Treatment Deionizer Options:

FDI Industrial Separate Bed Deionizer

LWMD Mix Bed Deionizer

Available Options:

  • PLC Controls
  • Educted or pumped regeneration (batch or conductivity initiated)
  • Vessel options:
    • Steel / vinyl ester
    • Rubber lined
    • FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic)
  • Non-code or ASME code vessel construction
  • Valve options:
    • Noryl bodied
    • Y-pattern diaphragm type
    • Butterfly valves
  • Piping options:PVC
    • CPVC
    • Stainless steel
  • Skid mounting (full interconnecting piping and wiring provided ) is an option.

Lakeside also offers the option of a Two Bed Demineralizer  or a Mixed Bed Demineralizer. Along with the options listed above, the Mixed Bed Demineralizer adds the extra option of providing water quality to 18 megohms.