At Absolute Water Technologies we pride ourselves on being at the forefront regarding standards and safe practices. We feel it is a professional and moral obligation as High Purity Water Specialists to ensure this information is disseminated. The table below represents the new standards that will very likely be enforced by CMS as they are currently recommended in a TIR-Technical Information Report by AAMI.

The table summarizes the recommended maximum water contamination levels, especially important for final rinse water for medical device reprocessing. These special requirements will likely result in monthly water testing. Maintaining these standards will require a regiment of sanitization, proper maintenance and most importantly a properly designed system. Based on being an industry leader in this area, it is our observation that many current facilities are woefully behind on where they will need to be in the very near future. Many locations are surprised to learn that they are well behind the industries current best practices and are opening themselves up to liability issues with current operating procedures. Successful patient outcomes are at risk. The ability to partake in the QIP’s (Quality Incentive Programs) that can hit the pocketbook quickly are also at stake when playing catch-up becomes the SOP.

As a trained 510k-FDA water treatment supplier, with a track record of many successful installations, we have compliant applications to meet all of your facilities needs to be ready for the soon to come regulations. We have already helped many facilities get in line with these best practices to ensure they will be compliant. Please contact Absolute Water Technologies to see what we can do to serve you in your quest to provide the best customer service and safety to your patients. If you are unsure of what your current levels are please giving us a call and we can have a certified technician come to your location to assess your system.