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Absolute Water Technologies is proud to represent ELGA and their CENTRA line of water purification systems.

ELGA Lab Water recognizes that the fundamental element in designing or upgrading a laboratory is planning space and equipment needs for critical services, such as gases and high-purity water.

ELGA applied their 75 years of expertise in water purification, when designing CENTRA. ELGA’s CENTRA is a complete water purification, storage and distribution system all wrapped up in a single unit. CENTRA concurs the limitations of traditional central water purification systems that consistently, flexibly, and economically delivers pure water.

ELGA’s CENTRA offers two families:

  • The Centralized Distribution Systems – distribute pre-purified water
  • The Centralized Purification and Distribution Systems – first purifies and then distributes the purified water 

An audio-visual internal leak detection alarm warning, controlled by a central processor that is connected to a building management system is provided on all ELGA’s built-in purification technologies.

Lab Water Treatment Equipment  for many different applications and all Elga Lab Water Treatment System are available through Absolute Water Technologies, located in Indianapolis Indiana. Call today for a quote.

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