Absolute Water Technologies is proud to represent Crystal Quest in their efforts to provide the world with purified water available whenever you want it. We supply the technologically advanced, durable and very attractive Crystal Quest’s Bottleless Ultra-filtration and Reverse Osmosis and Ultra-filtration Combo Water Cooler Systems. Allow Absolute Water Technologies to supply you with the perfect way to enjoy clean, crisp, filtered water without the hassle of dealing with heavy bottles and delivery schedules. Save money, space, and time with your own bottleless water cooler system. Enjoy filtered water 24 hours a day. Our units are easy to install, and are plumbed directly in to your cold water line for a continuous water supply. Let Absolute Water Technologies provide you with a bottleless water cooler that goes through 9 stages of water purification with an option of Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization, to provide you with the health and safety confidence you need in your drinking water.

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Considering getting a bottles water cooler?

No two businesses are alike and neither are their drinking water needs. Our depth of knowledge allows us to recommend the best bottleless water cooler filtration solution for your needs. Absolute Water Technologies will work with you to determine the type and number of coolers needed at your facility. Whether you are purchasing or leasing your bottles water cooler; we can work with you to come up with an economical solution for the drinking water issues you may be experiencing at your place of business. Your Bottleless Water Cooler can be installed practically anywhere in the office, so convenient access to great tasting water is always within reach.

Go Green and Eliminate Waste:

A bottleless water cooler also helps eliminate the waste usually associated with single-serve bottles and the hassle and cost of bottled water delivery service. Bottleless water coolers can help achieve your company’s green initiatives by saving on waste and energy. A bottles water cooler also allows you to provide your patrons and employees with a healthy alternative to sugary beverages, such as sodas and fruit juice.

Here are just some of the benefits Absolute Water Technologies can provide with the installation of a bottleless water cooler at your facility:

  • Endless water without the hassle and inconvenience of a delivery schedule.
  • Save space by eliminating the need to store water bottles.
  • Waste reduction by eliminating the need for single serve water bottles.
  • You will never have to worry about the quality of the water you are consuming. Water is filtered on site for an endless supply of great tasting drinking water.
  • You will never have to lift a heavy water jug again.

Check out our line of Bottleless Water Coolers to see which one is best for you:

Many thirsty people can benefit from the installation of a bottleless water cooler, here are just a few areas that would benefit:

Higher Education, Hospitals, Physicians offices, Hotels, Hospitality, Manufacturing Facilities, Business Offices, Retail, Salons, Spas, and Government offices.