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Simplify your systems with our Service Deionization (SDI / DI)  portable deionization (DI / SDI) exchange tanks within Indianapolis Indiana, Fort Wayne Indiana, Evansville Indiana Louisville Kentucky, St. Louis Missouri and Columbus Ohio

Western Reserve Water DI tanks

For most people, “water treatment” brings to mind clean water for drinking and household use, but water is integral to so many other processes, and is the lifeblood of industry. Regular tap water, however, won’t serve all needs. For many Manufacturing and High Purity water applications, service deionization (SDI /DI) is necessary to remove potentially harmful minerals and ions.

For jobs that require high purity water, deionization (SDI / DI)  commonly know as Service Deionization Tank Exchange is a essential. The deionization process is very complex but modern SDI / DI equipment and service programs can make it simple for the manufacturing or process water user.  Service Deionization (SDI / DI)  using portable deionization exchange tanks is a must for organizations that wish to minimize their capital requirements and focus on their core areas of competency.


Portable SDI / DI exchange tanks can be two-bed or mixed bed deionizers with an acid-regenerated cation connected in series with an alkaline-regenerated anion vessel. The two-bed deionization (SDI / DI) system involves the cation and the anion being separated in two different vessels. In the mixed bed deionization system, they are placed together in the same vessel.

These two SDI / DI systems are very different, but the overall goal is the same – purified, demineralized water for manufacturing and medical use.

All systems should include a carbon tank to remove chlorine and organics to extend the life of the deionization tanks as well as a fiber pre-filter, a quality monitor or light and a fiber post-filter.  The systems can be customized according to flow rate and the amount of water needed per day.

Applications for portable deionization SDI / DI exchange tanks vary.  A two bed deionization system (also known as Separate Bed System) is often used when water quality needs to be close to a resistivity point but not ultra-pure. When a system needs a water quality in the range of under 1 Megohm but better than 1-30 microsiemens of conductivity (dependent on feed water source) this is a great option when a Reverse Osmosis system (RO) is cost prohibitive. Separate bed SDI / DI systems  consist of a  cation SDI / DI tanks and an anion SDI / DI tank.  Some systems will incorporate separate bed SDI /DI tanks polished with mixed bed SDI / DI tanks.

Mixed bed deionization systems can produce ultra-pure water closely approaching theoretically pure water of 18 Megohm and can easily achieve a water quality in the ultrapure range. Typically for a high water volume consumption application, mixed bed tanks will be used as polishers following a reverse osmosis (RO) system to take the water quality to the next level. Some applications included are lab testing, sterilization of instruments, and manufacturing.

For example, when water is used as a cooling or cleaning agent for metal parts, minerals can cause discoloration or spotting if left to air-dry. Demineralized water combats this problem and keeps manufactured products clean and spot-free.

Are all SDI/DI resins created equal? 

There are many companies out there that regenerate resin for DI / SDI tanks so why pick one over the other?  Some companies have antiquated regeneration plants and processes that just cannot create the qualities of newer more sophisticated plants. Many plants reuse resin way beyond its useful life and continue to churn out sub-par product and the end user suffers.    Absolute Water Technologies partners with Western Reserve Water Treatment because we know quality is important and the customer expects and deserves the Absolute best quality and life out of SDI / DI tanks.  Western Reserve only uses a high quality Dow resin that is designated as type 1 Mixed bed, the highest grading scale available.  Regularly, resin is retired and replaced with virgin resin to ensure superior quality to most competitors.  Their state of the art regeneration plant  and quality monitoring system ensure an optimal regeneration every time resulting in quality you can count on for your process.   Additionally, Absolute Water Technologies understands FDA regulations and QSR guidelines in the handling of tanks and can assist you with validation efforts.  See our applications blog for more details.

Absolute Water Technologies (SDI / DI) portable service deionization exchange tanks also commonly called water filters  are easy to install and will not interrupt your daily operation. Once they’ve reached their use limit, they’ll be quickly replaced with new fully regenerated tanks delivered through Absolute’s service deionization (SDI / DI) service program.  Although focusing on DI / SDI exchange in Indianapolis Indiana, Evansville Indiana, Fort Wayne Indiana, Louisville Kentucky, and St. Louis Missouri, service is available through the states of Indiana , Kentucky, Missouri and beyond.