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High Purity Lab Water equipment, purification and testing reliability are critical systems and services for many companies. Rapid response service for your high purity lab water equipment is a must and Absolute Water Technologies has the experienced factory trained technicians ready to take care of all of your high purity water and lab water purification systems. We service multiple systems including Elga, Thermofisher, and Millipore.  We are the certified service team for Elga Lab Water in Indiana, Kentucky, and parts of Ohio – Dayton, Ohio and Cincinatti Ohio.

We keep many critical products in stock for expedited delivery.   Elga cartridges LC141, LC174, LC140, LC136M2, LC105, LC177, LC186. Lc118, LC109, LC147  and many more Elga Lab Water cartridges and replacement parts are stocked and ready for expedited delivery. Many Millipore EMD cartridges are available  such as proguards, qguards, prepacks amoung others for Elix, Milli-Q, Synergy units etc. Give us a call for availability on cartridges   at 1-866-986-6860.

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