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Absolute Care

Absolute Care is a comprehensive water treatment service  program designed to provide customers with the products and support services necessary to maintain their system for peak performance and long-term operation.  Under Absolute Care we offer up a full coverage of care and replacement of expendable items on your system, if it applies, along with a variety of service options on the spectrum.   We are quick, reliable and proficient.  We have not forgotten the meaning of customer service.  Absolute  Care service programs are available throughout the Midwest including Indiana, Illinois,  Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio.

Absolute Care provides the products and services needed to keep your High Purity water system operating at peak performance.  We offer various ranges of service based on your needs and budget.  We offer  annual to weekly system checks, testing, and  trending reports of your systems.  We are trained to work on various systems by multiple manufacturers. You name it, we can service it.  We are not just equipment wholesalers like some others out there that pretend to know how to service and troubleshoot equipment; we know what we sell and can work on everything we offer.

Absolute Care provides the right combination of products and services to save you time, money and ensure your High Purity or process water system provides continuous, reliable water quality.  Besides a comprehensive full service contract, we can also sanitize your system, clean or replace  membranes on your Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) system,  service your UV system, re-bed your pre-filtration systems, provide replacement parts for lab units (Elga, Millipore,Thermofisher),  replacement parts for RO systems and other key  system components, replacement filters, salt delivery, provide replacement portable deionization,  Service deionization (SDI) (DI) tanks (also known as service deionization tank exchange), complete system testing, and retrofit many systems.