Absolute Care Preventative Maintenance

Absolute Care is a comprehensive water treatment service program designed to provide customers with the products and support services necessary to maintain their system for peak performance and long-term operation. Under Absolute Care we offer full coverage care and replacement of expendable items on your system, if it applies, along with a variety of service options on the spectrum. We are quick, reliable and proficient. We have not forgotten the meaning of customer service. Absolute Care service programs are available throughout the Midwest including Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. Click to read more.

High Purity System Service

High Purity lab water equipment, purification and testing reliability are critical systems and services for many companies. Rapid response service for your high purity lab water equipment is a must and Absolute Water Technologies has the experienced factory trained technicians ready to take care of all of your high purity water and lab water purification systems. We service multiple systems including Elga, Thermofisher, and Millipore. Click to read more

Validation and Calibration Services

Absolute Water Technologies (AWT) provides validation and calibration services on all ELGA Lab Water products by a factory certified technician. Click to read more.

The following validation services are available:

  • Pre-validation (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Performance Qualification (PQ)
  • Standards and certificates

Industrial / Commercial Water Softener Service

Service Deionization (SDI /DI) Tank Exchange

Simplify your systems with our Service Deionization (SDI / DI) portable deionization (SDI / DI) exchange tanks within Indianapolis and Indiana. For jobs that require high purity water, deionization (SDI / DI) is a must. The deionization process is very complex , however,  modern SDI / DI equipment and service programs can make it simple for manufacturing or medical end users. Service Deionization (SDI / DI) using portable deionization exchange tanks is a must for organizations that wish to minimize their capital requirements and focus on their core areas of competency. Click to read more.


Without regular water system sanitization, manufacturing and medical water distribution systems run a high risk of microbial growth. For systems that have never had a water system sanitization, microbial growth (bio-film) is not just a risk, it’s a certainty. If enough time elapses and enough growth is present, the water system may be potentially beyond remediation, as it would be impossible to return the pipes to a clean state bio-film forms in water systems when bacteria attach themselves to the interior walls of water pipes, and then continue to attach to each other. Over time, the colonies grow and add other microbes and substances to the mix. As more layers are added, a plaque-like coating forms inside the system, contaminating water and throwing off testing samples. Click to read more

Water Testing and Analysis

Whether you have a new application or existing system, Absolute Water Technologies can provide testing and analysis of your manufacturing, medical, or municipal water supply. We perform onsite tests or gather samples for a laboratory analysis. We recommend thorough water testing and analysis for all new water application equipment. We can help to solve an array of water problems. Click to read more