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Absolute Water Technologies offers you a broad range of commercial water purification systems and strong application support to streamline your processes and give you more confidence in your results.

Our ultra high purity systems are known for their quality and reliability. We strive to add unique technical and scientific applications expertise. Absolute Water Technologies never veers from the challenges of single point-of-use purification systems, in addition to large projects.

AWT- supports multiple lab manufacturers products including Thermofisher, ELGA and Millipore.  Contact us to let us show you how we can help you with an



Absolute Care Preventative Maintenance Agreement.  Don’t be a victim of an untrained  company selling themselves as lab specialists.  We are trained and experienced in this field and have the track record to prove it with references.  We are the certified service team for Indiana, Kentucky and Cincinnatti for Elga lab water systems. We are committed to delivering purified laboratory water and know the seriousness of understanding the systems, so you can focus on obtaining accurate results.  We are also here for you as a resource for Elga replacement parts and cartridges.  We also have many Millipore replacement parts and cartridges such qguards, proguards and pretreatment packs.   We keep in stock a number of cartridges and other parts  you may need to avoid a shut down .   Elga LC 109, LC177, LC175,  LC141, LC140,  LC151, LC136m2, LC186, LC147, LC105, LC118,  LC174, LC208, LC209 among others.

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