Feed Clinical Diagnostic Analyzers With Low Volume, Low Cost Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW)

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The MEDICA 7/15 is a compact, high performance water purification system that supplies a constant flow of high purity water which is maintained by recirculation through ion exchange resins, UV and an integral 0.2µm microfilter. It is an ideal choice for use with a single chemistry or immunoassay clinical analyzer.




  • Delivers up to 1.8 liters per minute of CLRW standard water (formally CLSI Type 1 water)
  • Provides compliant purified water suitable for a dissolved oxygen specification
  • Bacterial specification <1CFU/ml.Compatible with single clinical diagnostic analyzers which require up to 1.8 liters per minute of CLRW standard water
  • A bypass loop for continual supply of compliant water in emergency situations to the analyzer
  • Low running and consumable costs
  • Compact size makes it suitable to be installed under a bench or mounted on a wall
  • Full service and validation support

MEDICA Lab Water System Consumables: Please visit the Absolute Water Technologies StoreLC105, LC125, LC140, LC141, LC143, LC136, LC123