High Usage, High Quality Water Storage and Distribution System for General and Analytical Laboratory Applications

The CENTRA-RDS distributes high purity water throughout a building or a suite of laboratories via a loop system making it highly flexible and reliable. It is suitable for a range of applications requiring type I, type II and type III water. file.php?c=2267857328cfd0fd9be4da3251672967&filename=CENTRA MDS Centra MDS LDS RDS


  • Delivers up to 30 liters per minute of type I, type II and type III water from a distribution loop
  • Up to 18.2 MΩ-cm, type I, type II and type III water suitable for general and analytical applications
  • Bacterial specification
  • Reliable continual supply of pure water using unique access controls and leak detection system with optional building management system (BMS) connectivity
  • Designed to operate with other ELGA LabWater systems or existing purification installations
  • Compact design provides more flexibility for new buildings and refurbishments.
  • Full service and validation support

CENTRA System Lab Water System Consumables: Please visit the Absolute Water Technologies StoreLC157 , LC158 , LC159 , LC160,