Absolute Water Technologies knows that the people drinking the water at your facility are very important to you and want to play a part in helping to ensure their good health, for the long haul. Unchecked water coolers become a problem, and become contaminated over time this is something that water bottle delivery companies do not tell you. Sanitization  is necessary in order to maintain quality drinking water standards. While our bottleless water coolers are very easy to maintain and do not require much maintenance; a yearly system check is recommended for good measure and your peace of mind.

Remove the worry and headache of maintaining your bottleless water cooler, with our Absolute Water Technologies Preventative Maintenance Service:

Absolute Water Technologies Preventative Maintenance Service is available for all Crystal Quest Bottleless Water Coolers, regardless where you purchased it. We visit your facility annually to replace any necessary filters and clean and sanitize the unit. This assures your cooler is always providing you with the highest possible quality drinking water available. This service is available in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois.

Check out our line of Bottleless Water Coolers to see which one is best for you: