Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

High Purity Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is successfully used for multiple applications including medical equipment sterilization, dialysis, surgical applications, boiler feed/makeup water, chemical process water, cosmetics, drinking water, electronics, food and beverage processing, laboratories, manufacturing process water, metal finishing, pharmaceutics, photographic processing, printing, microbreweries, and vehicle washes. All of these water applications could benefit by the installation of an Absolute Water Technologies Reverse Osmosis (RO)system. Our high purity reverse osmosis water system reduces up to 99% of dissolved mineral salts, organics, and other particles by forcing pressurized water under pressure through a semi-permeable multi-layered membrane. A Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system is induced by applying pressure with a pump to a solution with a high concentration of dissolved solids, causing water from the concentrated solution to pass through the membrane. Dissolved solids do not pass through the membrane; they are continually flushed to drain as waste (concentrate). The water that is successfully filtered permeate or product water goes on the process typically further polished with deionization (DI) tanks if megohm resistivity quality is needed and in some cases a ultra-violet light and sub-micron filtration. Absolute Water Systems sells and services multiple sizes of systems from multiple manufacturers. AWT can help you maintain your current system and ensure it runs at peak performance levels. Click to read more.

ELGA Ultra High Purity Lab Water Systems

ELGA PURELAB and ELGA PURELAB FLEX high purity lab water units

ELGA ultra high purity systems are known for their quality and reliability. ELGA Ultra High Purity Lab Water Systems focus exclusively on water and its treatment. They strive to add to the unique technical and scientific applications expertise developed during the last 75 years. ELGA never veers from the challenges of single point-of-use purification systems, in addition to large projects. They are committed to developing and delivering purified laboratory water, so you can focus on obtaining accurate results for: Research and Testing, Healthcare, and Clinical Diagnostics. Click to read more.

AmeriWater Ultra High Purity Lab Water Systems


With reverse osmosis systems, storage tank, and deionizer packages that produce up to 18 meg ohm water quality, AmeriWater has the right system to supply your hospital with ultra pure lab water. Systems meet CSLI / CAA / ASTM Type I through Type IV water quality requirements.Click  to read more